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byDesign Alliance
Lisa Whiteman

Welcome to byDesign Alliance

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I'm glad you are here!

Why You Should Join Me

At the byDesignAlliance I have created three exclusive, executive mentoring and community support pillar project areas for our creative, innovative and brave entrepreneur membership.

Business byDesign

Peak business performance requires high quality output, and an ethic of excellence. It relies on astute self-awareness, self-motivation, dogged determination, resilience, and a dose of bloody-mindedness. Business byDesign gives you the skills, systems, and support to unlock your potential.

Leadership byDesign

Great leaders know their ‘super-powers’; they know their weaknesses. They harness the talents of their team to smooth their rough edges. They build leadership in others, through the depth and breadth of their organisation. They do the same with every interaction they have, in business and in life. It is who we are.

Life byDesign

This rapidly changing world has challenges of mammoth proportions that are demanding the very best of us, if we are to see society and humanity move safely through both the realities and the unknowns of our future.

We will navigate this path together, reaching our potential of performance, with self-awareness and balance in our ‘cup of life’.

I look forward to welcoming and working with each of you within our byDesignAlliance membership or within our Executive byDesignAlliance 'Inner Spiral' individual mentoring programme. Together we will uncover your potential, realise your dreams, and make the world a better place.

A Big Thanks

For every single obstacle, for every challenge, every loss and every heartbreak I am truly grateful. Although the journey has been far from smooth, hindsight and wisdom gives us all the ability to look back upon the hard times with a softer, more gentle gaze and realise that without the struggles, life would not hold as rich and beautiful a tapestry.

I thank all of the special people in my life for gifting me the courage and opportunity to embark on this journey in hope my experience will make another's road somewhat smoother. 

My biggest, heartfelt thanks goes to all of you who have joined the byDesignAlliance; I am humbled and grateful to have you here.

Let's dive in and have a blast!